My Editing Style

In the world of fashion and art, adhering to strict rules is often seen as a hindrance to true expression. As an amateur artist, freedom is key. With the help of Affinity, I quickly adjust the curves to perfect the lighting. I don't bother with editing my dark circles, focusing on enhancing the overall radiance of the image. This is the beauty of self-expression, the ability to create without limitation. 

unretouched model image in rosamosario swimsuit

Vintage Vibes

In my pursuit of self-expression, I discovered that perfection is not the ultimate goal. Instead, I found beauty in the unpolished, in the rawness of my natural radiance. The makeup I wore that morning was a reflection of this philosophy - intense and unapologetic. And while it may have been even more striking in person, I knew that the essence of my look would translate seamlessly to the final edit. For me, it's not about conforming to traditional standards of beauty, but about embracing my individuality and celebrating the unique qualities that make me who I am.

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