Desert Dreaming

Recent Updates from Breath of Life Style

No one is an island. Though I've taken time in isolation to get to know myself and my true desires, I've found myself again interacting with others and not being afraid to see all parts of myself. 

The desert images here and below were shot in the AM in the Mojave Desert. Did my makeup in the car. The black and white images were shot towards the end of a transitional phase where I moved into a new career path that is bringing me back to myself.

Grounded in the physical world and the beauty of bringing to joy to others through the service I provide working for a small business, I have begun to awaken from the dullness of working in a digital world. Working with a small team has provided a sense of belonging I lost in the pandemic years of working from home. 

I'm looking forward to the new year and what I'll learn from myself and those around me.

This was shot in the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco. Cadolle Bodysuit. I forgot how dynamic this location looks on black and white (Cinestill BWXX).

This image was shot in the morning of a road trip to Vegas. Bodystocking and custom disco ball bra by

This was shot at my husband's work in the Design Center of San Francisco. Wolford bodysuit.