Gemini Bday in Vegas: Cinestill 800T, Cinestill Black and White and Tmax 400

model in dbleudazzled body suit in vegas casino

For my 40th bday  we wanted to shoot film in Vegas. Found lots of places to play in Resorts World. This is on Cinestill 800 T and I am wearing a Tatu Couture bra. We were headed to the Bacchanal Buffet so I made a point to not have anything restricting my waist!

This look was for the New York New York Rollercoaster  which is one of the most fun things to do in Vegas. I am wearing a Rosamosario bikini top as a bra and Dbleudazzled (Birthday Suit) bodysuit. This is on Cinestill Black and White film which is great for showing the shine here!

This was my bday dinner look for dinner at Mizumi. I am wearing a Rosamosario gold dress and it was comfortable so I could enjoy my meal. In true gemini fashion, I recommend walking into a casino in this statement piece (hope I brought some luck!). Shot on Cinestill 800T. Lots of Neon on and sparsely populated places in Resorts World so we will keep finding more places to shoot!

Time to Play

Lots of fun exploring Resorts World + the Vegas Strip and shooting film. To see other images from other adventures, click below!

model image tmax vegas neon black white
model in tatu couture bra in vegas casino
model in sheer dress in vegas bar
model in vegas on cinestill 800T